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InfinityHR brings together essential HR tasks in one place, simplifying processes and allowing teams to get back to the work that matters. With a proven track record, the InfinityHR Platform utilizes HR cloud software to oversee all human capital management, payroll, and employee benefit services, helping improve company culture, better engage employees, and allow companies to work more confidently towards business objectives. InfinityHR provides one completely integrated and secure system at an affordable cost.

Integrates payroll, benefits, talent development, recruiting and employee self-service in one robust solution

Reduces administrative work, allowing you to focus on high-value activities

Supports better, faster decision making with fact-based analytics

Ensures compliance and helps you avoid risk

Human Resource Management

InfinityHR combines business know-how and technology into the best human capital management solution currently on the market. The marriage of technological expertise and years of HR process management and payroll experience provides our clients with a better solution for human capital management.


The InfinityHR Benefits Management module provides administrators the ability to oversee benefits and apply deductions to employee records along with the capability to allow employee input on these elections.


InfinityHR EZPay provides a seamless HR and Payroll user experience. Through InfinityHR EZPay, payroll is accurately calculated and prepared within the system, taxes are managed for all 50 states and filed on your behalf, removing the potential headaches of incorrect or missed tax filing deadlines.

Time & Attendance

InfinityHR’s Time and Attendance feature allows your employees to enter their time and managers to approve it through the Employee Portal. InfinityHR then electronically routes the data to the InfinityHR EZ Pay payroll system or payroll provider of your choice.

Electronic Data Interchange

EDI’s are designed to pull specific data from InfinityHR and send to other systems or benefit providers built around your specific requirements, with over 300 active integrations currently in place InfinityHR can send data to other systems or providers removing the tedious and common problems of missing or incorrect data when re-keying is required


Create a more efficient on boarding process that allows you to add and manage new employees
easily, delivering the ideal first-day welcome. The InfinityHR Workflow module ensures your
team is checking off each task needed to bring new hires up to speed.


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